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Over half of those years were spent exclusively on institutional and industrial projects. Pecora Flooring’s position in the industry allows us to offer materials at a better unit cost.

We are known for our prompt and competent installations and our tenacity in staying with a job throughout every stage. PFI offers personal customer service from the initial bid to completion of the project. We take pride in our efficiency and flexibility, but more than anything, the superior quality of our workmanship.

Installation Solutions

PFI provides complete flooring services that include master knowledge of carpet, VCT, sheet vinyl, ceramic products, and installation. Several of our installers have received certification to install various resilient products from an array of manufacturers. Most of our mechanics have been working with PFI for at least fifteen years. We take pride that our installers have been trained professionally at schools ranging from Armstrong to Forbo. No matter the application, PFI is able to complete the installation.

Consultation Services

PFI prefers to be involved with a project from the initial stage. As a member of your team, we are able to provide essential pre-installation consulting in various areas:

  • Our staff is able to assemble specifications for various projects with regards to the quality of product required for a specific application. It’s our mission to always provide the best product for the best price.
  • Alleviating substrate problems is essential to a quality installation and acceptable finished product. PFI is well schooled in this area. Whether it is a problem recognition or solution, we are able to assist in this area. Our In-house staff is also certified to test any substrate for moisture and provide the answer for most any issue that you may have.
  • Maintenance is essential to a long lasting aesthetic appearance. PFI will provide you with the necessary information regarding proper maintenance and warranty information. We’re available to help with questions or concerns you may have regarding upkeep.

Other Options

BLUEPRINT REPRODUCTION is available.  We have the capability to copy and scan your hard copy, wide-format drawings or print from digital format. Simply e-mail your drawings to us and your prints will be waiting for you at our office.

PRIME CONTRACTING is a workable option.  We are bonded & insured which gives our end-users peace of mind when working with us.

MAINTENANCE PROGRAMS are also available.  We can discuss possibilities that suit your needs such as monthly inspections and minor repair work, to actual cleaning maintenance.

Our Warehouse

Our 10,000 square foot warehouse is fully bonded and climate controlled to keep flooring material secure & acclimated at all times.